Virtual School Board Meeting
  • Board Meetings

    • With a few exceptions due to school holiday breaks, board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm.  Board Meetings will be held in the Luther Burbank School Library (4 Wabash Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128).

      Agendas are posted 72 hours before a regular board meeting on line and posted in the windows of the school and District office.  

      Calendar and Agendas

      •  Board Agendas  Dates, times, and locations may change. Final meeting information can be found on the meeting agenda 72 hours before the meeting.
      •  Once approved by the Board at a subsequent meeting, minutes of a meeting are incorporated into the agenda for that meeting.
      •  Board Meeting Dates Fall 2021:  August 10 (rescheduled to August 17); September 21; October 19; November 16; December 14*

      Public Participation

      Members of the public are encouraged to attend board meetings and to address the board concerning any item on the agenda or within the board's jurisdiction. So as not to inhibit public participation, persons attending board meetings shall not be requested to sign in, complete a questionnaire, or otherwise provide their name or other information as a condition of attending the meeting.

      In order to conduct district business in an orderly and efficient manner, the board requires that public presentations to the board comply with the following procedures:

      Public Comment

      Members of the public will be given an opportunity to address the board during Public Comment at Regular Board Meetings. Note that this does not include ceremonial items and other non-business items. Members of the public who wish to address the board are asked to complete a comment card stating your name and agenda item the speaker wishes to address. 


      Time Limits

      In order to complete the business of the meeting in a timely manner, individual speakers will be allowed three (3) minutes to address the board on each agenda item, and the board will limit the total time for public input on each item to 20 minutes. When necessary to ensure full opportunity for public input, the board president may, with board consent, adjust the amount of time allowed for public input and/or the time allotted for each speaker.

      Board Responses

      The public should note that, while we value and want to receive public feedback, board members are prohibited from commenting on, discussing, or taking action on items that are not on the meeting’s agenda. The board may provide a reference to staff or other resources for factual information, ask staff to report back to the board at a subsequent meeting concerning any matter, or take action directing staff to place a matter of business on a future agenda.

      Translation Services

      Please contact the school by 2:00 pm on the Friday prior to Board Meeting to request Spanish translation support.
      Comuníquese con la escuela antes de las 2:00 pm Viernes para solicitar ayuda con la traducción al español.