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    Together we can make a difference...

    Parents and Guardians are key partners in educating our students!

    Research says that parent involvement in school helps students to learn! Located in the heart of West San Jose in the historic community of Burbank, the Luther Burbank School District and School are dedicated to providing the highest quality public education possible for our students! We offer our students dedicated instruction in the visual arts, provide the Advancing Via Individual Determination (AVID) program for all our K-8 students, a GATE program for our highly gifted students, and an After School Program for students in Grades 1 -8 at no charge to parents and guardians!  Luther Burbank is a caring community of faculty and staff who are dedicated to educating the whole child in a safe and secure learning environment! 

    October 8, 2021

    Thank you families for attending the October Cafecito.  If you missed out on the presentation, you may view the presentation by clicking on this link [Access Link to Presentation]

    September 12, 2021

    Please see the zoom links below to access your child's classroom.  Please log on with your child's name for the teacher to admit you in the zoom room.  


    Kinder - Ms. Hoying & Ms. Kruljac - Zoom Link  [Passcode: Kinder21] (6:40 PM)

    1st Grade - Ms. Harp & Ms. Heller  Zoom Link (6:40 PM)

    2nd Grade - Ms. Sahba - Zoom Link [Passcode: Sahba] (6:40 PM)

    2nd Grade - Ms. LaBaw - Zoom Link [Password: 504765] (6:40 PM)

    2nd/3rd Grade - Ms. Moran - Zoom Link (6:40 PM)

    3rd Grade - Ms. Tolan & Ms. Yee - Zoom Link [Password: third] (6:00 PM)

    4th Grade - Ms. Balangue - Zoom Link [Password: Welcome!] (6:00 PM)

    4th/5th Grade - Ms. Majchrowicz - Zoom Link [Password: Welcome45] (6:00 PM)

    5th Grade - Mr. Saba - Zoom Link (6:00 PM)

    6th Grade - Mr. Sullivan & Ms. Diehl - Zoom Link [Password: 985746] (6:30 PM)

    7th Grade - Ms. Pugel & Ms. Brooks Zoom Link  [Password: 7thgrade] (6:30 PM)

    8th Grade - Mr. Lee & Mr. Sbarbaro Zoom Link [Password: 372835] (6:30 PM)


    back to school night

    August 30, 2021



    August 11, 2021

    Please see a recording of the Cafecito here if you missed the presentation.  [Access Link]

    August 5, 2021



    August 1, 2021

    Dear Families:

    Welcome back to the 2021/22 school year.  We hope you have an enjoyable and safe summer with your family and loved ones.  For the new year, we have an exciting academic and social-emotional learning experience for your students and we look forward to reconnecting with our students in person.  As we transition back into the new school year, please take notes of the following requirements:

    • Students will be required to wear masks indoors.  Please be sure that your child has a mask before going to school.  
    • Our school will follow guidance from the California Department of Public Health to ensure and maintain a safe school opening.  
    • Students will continue to receive free breakfast and lunch daily, please turn in a lunch application to the front office or fill out the application online at: https://family.titank12.com/ 
    • Students will be required to wear school uniforms, please see the attached guide for school uniforms.


    We have attached a school calendar for your reference, school will begin this year on Wednesday, August 18th.  Wednesdays are also minimum days.  Students will end school at 12:00 PM.


    Drop Off/Pick Up

    We will have 3 gates open for arrival and departure.  To support dispersing students, please drop off and pick up students at the assigned gate.  Students with siblings, the oldest sibling can walk in the same gate as the youngest sibling.   

    • San Carlos Gate ( TK-1)
    • Wabash Gate (SDC, 2-4)
    • Olive Gate (Grades 5-8)


    Daily Bell Schedule


    Uniform Policy 



    Free Dress

    Never Worn


    Any Luther Burbank shirt or Collared shirt of 

    Solid Color:  White or Dark green (hunter/forest green)

    T-shirt, button-up shirt, polo shirt, blouse, or other tops

    Tank tops


    Shorts, skirt, slacks, or dress pants of 

    Solid Color:  Dark Blue / Navy
    (also allowed for gr. 6-8 only: 
    Solid Color:  Khaki / Tan)

    Optional:  Neutral color tights under other bottoms

    Shorts, skirt, jeans, slacks or dress pants

    Gym pants

    Cargo pants

    Skinny/stretch pants 

    Leggings/Yoga Pants

    Tights (unless w/skirt/shorts/jumper)

    Shoes & socks

    Neutral colors (Dark Blue / Navy, Black, White, Gray, or Khaki Tan )

    Shoes must allow students to play safely at recess and in PE. 

    Neutral or Colorful shoes without bright red or bright blue

    Bright red or bright blue stripes, laces, or marks

    Open-toed sandals

    High-heeled shoes


    Sweater / Jacket

    Solid Neutral colors (Dark Blue / Navy, Black, White, Gray, or Khaki Tan )

    Sweatshirts may have hoods only if the student does not wear the hood.

    Sweatshirts with or without colors, logos, or patterns

    Hood worn on head


    Sun protection

    Hats that shade the face fully may be worn in direct sunlight only

    Umbrellas and rain jackets may be used in the rain only

    Funny or costume hats that do not cover the face

    Hoods, beanies, hairnets, or bandannas



    School administration will not permit any adornment that distracts from learning.  

    Earrings:  1 small pair (<1” diameter)

    Jewelry:  Small & safe

    Hair:  Natural color

    Nail polish may be worn by 5th-8th graders (avoid bright red/blue)

    School- provided temporary tattoos

    Pierced jewelry other than earrings

    Earrings > 1”

    Make-up or perfume 

    Designs cut into the hair

    Nail polish unless the 5th-8th grade

    Nail extensions

Last Modified on October 8, 2021