Measure HH-LBSD Bond Issue Passes!

Ballt Measure
  • Ballot question

    The ballot question was as follows: 

    To replace the Luther Burbank School District’s main building with a modern, state-of-the-art facility to provide students with a safe, secure, 21st century learning environment, and provide the local match for State grants, shall the District’s measure authorizing $10,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, raising an average of $685,000 annually to repay bonds through final maturity from levies of approximately 8.8 cents per $100 of assessed valuation, and no money for administrator salaries, be adopted?

    The citizens gave their resounding approval and support of Measure HH.  




  • Building Project Advisory Committee

    To ensure transparency and stakeholder input, an advisory committee to the trustees will be established.

    Committee members will include: LBEA and AFSME association presidents, 3 Teacher Representatives, 2 Classified Representatives, 3 Administrators 3 Community Members, 1 Burbank Association Representative, 2 Trustees

    The following members were ratified at Special Board Meeting on March 3, 2020

    Trustees:  Michael Rowe Committe Chair; Norma Castaneda, Trustee

    Labor: Fadi Saba LBEA President,  Carlos Casas-Hawkins AFSCME President 

    Teachers:  Brenda Kruljac, Frances Heller, Pauline Yee

    Classified: Lupe Ruiz

    Community:  Oscar Diaz, Chair SSC; Claudia Flores, Parent, Jasmin Castaneda, Student

    Burbank Association: Vacant

    Administrators:  Edy Mourtos, Superintendent; Rudy Avalos, CBO; Tri Nguyen, Principal

    Project Timeline/Actions to Date:

    1) CFW selected to help manage and shepherd the building project. (October 9, 2020)

    2) RFP for Architectural Services. (December 12, 2019)

    3) Perkins Eastman company selected to design building (Feb. 11, 2020)

    4) Advisory Building Committee Established -Michael Rowe, Chair (March 3, 2020)
    Committee Membership:
    LBEA and AFSCME presidents, 3 Teacher Reps, 2 Classified, 3 Administrators, 3 Community Members, 1 Burbank Association Rep, 2 Trustees

    5) Building Project Advisory Committee Meeting #1 April 8, 2020 via Zoom Met with Perkins Eastman and CFW to receive overview of project planning process, project constraints (i.e budget, space) and hear from stakeholders their input and ideas. The Committee requested that a layout of the entire campus be created. A google document was created for members and community to add their comments.

    6) Building Project Advisory Committee Meeting #2.  May 26 at 5:30 via Zoom The committee provided additional feedback after reviewing the campus layout schematics;  The committee discussed the pros and cons of demolishing the main building.

    7) Building Project Adviosory Committe #3 June 3 at 6:00pm via Zoom. The committee discussed further the option to demolish the building.  The committee consensus was to proceed with plans to demolish the building as presented to the community in Measure HH. 

    8) Building Project Advisory Committee/Interview Panel for LLB Construction Firm #4 July 19 Members were invited to participate in the interview panel for selection of the Construction Company.  The committee recommends Clark Sullivan be selected and will forward its recommendation for Board approval on August 18