• What is an Interdistrict Transfer? 

    An Interdistrict Transfer is used when families wish to enroll their student(s) in a school district other than the one assigned to their home address. This applies to students trying to transfer into and out of Luther Burbank School District (LBSD).

    Interdistrict Requests to Attend Luther Burbank School District (LBSD)

    Families living outside of the LBSD boundaries must follow the process below:

    • Contact your district of residence and follow their interdistrict transfer request process
    • Interdistrict Transfer requests must be processed by your district of residence first.
    • Your district will forward a copy of the request to LBSD
    • LBSD will review the Interdistrict Transfer request and will provide you with a denial or an acceptance letter by mail or email*
    • Continuing interdistrict transfer students must reapply each year.

    Families are responsible for the student’s transportation to and from school. 


    Students Residing in the LBSD Requesting to Attend a School in Another District:

    Families who live within the LBSD boundaries may request their student(s) to attend a school outside of LBSD. Families living within the LBSD boundaries must follow the process below:

    • Submit the following documents to the school office:
      • Interdistrict Transfer Form
      • 3 Proof of address (see below for more examples)
      • Copy of IEP or 504 Plan (If applicable)
    • Interdistrict Transfer requests must be processed by LBSD first.
    • A copy of the transfer will then be forwarded to you and your desired district.
    • Your desired district will review the interdistrict transfer request and provide you with a “Approved” or “Denied” Letter (Contact your desired district for more information)
    • Continuing interdistrict transfer students must reapply each year.

    Applications must be submitted in person to the school/district office at: 4 Wabash Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128 from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. 


    Proof of Residency

    • A Student can have only one residence for the Purposes of Establishing Residency and must live with a parent or legal guardian.
    • Po Boxes will not be accepted for residency purposes.
    • All documents used for residency must be currentvalid, and must contain the name, address, and be dated within the last 30 days.
    • A minimum of three documents will be required.

    The Following are examples or are acceptable: 

    • Original property tax bill 
    • Monthly mortgage payment 
    • Lease or Rental agreement on company printed forms. If the agreement is an expired agreement or month to month, you must also provide a current monthly rental payment receipt that includes the renter's name, date, and address.
    • Monthly space rental bill (Mobile Home Park) 
    • Escrow Document "Closing Statement” instead of a property tax bill for recent property purchases. In this case, a conditional clearance for 30 Days will be given until mortgage documents are provided.
    • Current Utility Bills Such As:
      • Current City of San Jose Utility Bill
      • Current PG&E Bill
      • Current Phone Bill (Cell or Landline)
      • Current Cable or Satellite Provider Bill
      • Current Internet Bill

    Additional Proof of Residency* 

    • A Current Paycheck issued by employer - employer's and employee's name and address must be printed on the check stub 
    • Correspondence from a government agency (Wic, Medi-cal, Social Security, Unemployment) 
    • Valid vehicle registration (Not Pink Slip) 
    • Monthly Payments: loan, credit card, physician/dental bill, bank statement 
    • LBSD has the right to accept alternative forms of proof of residence on a case-by-case basis.

    Interdistrict Conditions

    The following conditions apply:

    • Students admitted to LBSD with a Interdistrict Transfer Agreement shall be approved where space is available at the discretion and determination of LBSD.
    • LBSD does not participate in the “Allen Bill”.
    • If an Interdistrict Transfer agreement request is denied, the parent/guardian may appeal in writing and submit the letter to the district office within 10 Calendar Days of receiving notice of a denied transfer.
      • The appeal should be addressed to the Superintendent and, If necessary, the second appeal should be addressed to the Board of Trustees.
      • Each appeal letter must include your home address and the parent's/guardian original signature.
      • The letter should explain your reasons not included in the original interdistrict form. 
    • If the appeal is still denied by the LBSD, the parent/guardian can appeal the decision to the Santa Clara County Board of Education within 30 Calendar Days.
    • A student, parent/guardian who provides a false address and/or other pertinent data as a basis for enrollment in a school in the district may have the transfer revoked. The revocation may be immediate and notice promptly given to the student and Parent/Guardian.
    • LBSD Reserves the right to deny transfer requests or release students for the following Reasons:
      • Lack of space in a specific grade level/program.
      • Lack of suitable or impacted special education programs.
      • Student history of unsatisfactory attendance, truancy, or behavior.
      • Continual disruption to the educational program
      • Failure to progress towards meeting districts standards
      • Adverse district financial impact
      • Other considerations that are not arbitrary


    • Timeline for processing requests:
      • Current school year - parents/ guardians will get a notification of the final decision within 30 calendar days from the date the request was received.
      • Next school year- parents/guardians will get a notification of the final decision as soon as possible, but no later than 14 calendar days after the beginning of instruction in the school year for which interdistrict transfer is sought.