Luther Burbank School District


  • Board Meeting Highlights from March 12, 2019


    On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, the Board of Trustees met during a regular board meeting. Here are some highlights from the meeting.


    • Approval of  Resolution Number 03-12-19-02, "Celebration of Women's History Month"


    The Board of Trustees unanimously approved Resolution Number 03-12-19-02, "Celebration of Women's History Month."  This resolution affirms the District's commitment to ensure that the contributions of women to the American tradition of inclusive, democratic and active means to reduce violence, achieve peace, and promote the common good are included in our curriculum and instructional program. History month is nationally celebrated every March.


    • Resolution Number 03-12-19-01, "Honoring the Life and Legacy of Cesar E. Chavez" 


    The Board of Trustees unanimously approved this resolution recognizing the life and legacy of Cesar E. Chavez. The anniversary of his birthday is celebrated on March 31st.  For more than three decades, Cesar E. Chavez led this groundbreaking organization by effecting social change through peaceful tactics such as fasts, boycotts, strikes, and pilgrimages; his union's efforts influenced and inspired millions of Americans, forging a diverse national coalition of students, middle-class consumers, religious groups, and minorities in a hard-won struggle to achieve fair wages, medical coverage, pension benefits, humane living conditions, and perhaps most important, dignity and respect for the hundreds of thousands of farmworkers across the country. Through this resolution, the Governing Board of the Luther Burbank School District celebrates March 31st as Cesar E. Chavez Day to honor his legacy, and asks that the Superintendent-Principal encourages students, staff, school administrators, teachers, and community members to implement service-learning projects based on his life, work, and values, and realize the full intent of the State-established Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning. 


    • Local Control Accountability Plan Update Presentations


    District staff presented the Board of Trustees with important information regarding the District's progress towards meeting LCAP goals. District staff provided presentations on year-to-date Student Formative Assessment Data and year-to-date Formal Student Discipline Information.


    • Approval of the Second Interim Report for Fiscal Year 2018-2019


    As required by the State and the County, a report of the budget projections and financial activities of the District as of January 31, 2019, which determines positive, qualified or negative declaration on the financial status of the District, must be presented and reviewed with the Board.  The Second Interim Report has determined that District is able to meet is financial obligations for this year and the two subsequent years, thereby certifying positive. At the behest of the Board of Trustees, the Superintendent-Principal and the Chief Business Official continue to reduce costs and monitor district expenditures very carefully and prudently. The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the submission of the report to the Santa Clara County Office of Education.


    Routine personnel items, contracts/contract adjustments, and consent agenda items were also reviewed and approved.


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  • Notice of Request for Proposals 03-13-2019: Food Service Management Company


    Notice for RFP FY1819-001  is hereby given that the Governing Board of the Luther Burbank School District (hereinafter referred to as SFA) is requesting proposals for a food service management company (hereinafter referred to as respondents) to assist with the SFA’s food service program.


    Respondents should not construe from this legal notice that the SFA intends to enter into a fixed-price contract with the Respondent unless, in the opinion of the SFA, it is in the best interest of the SFA to do so. The SFA reserves the right to negotiate final contractual terms with the successful Respondent.


    The Request for Proposal (RFP) documents are available in the embedded link: 

    Request for Proposals Food Service Management Company.

    To request the RFP documents by e-mail, postal mail, or fax, please contact
    Rodolfo Avalos-Sanchez


    Postal Mail 4 Wabash Ave., San Jose, CA 95128

    Fax (408) 998-7160


    The SFA will record and provide answers to any questions or requests for clarifying information about the RFP during the question and answer period. The SFA will hold a Mandatory Tour of the SFA facilities on: Thursday March 28, 2019 at 12:30 p.m.; location: 4 Wabash Ave., San Jose, CA 95128.


    All potential Respondents must attend in order to submit a proposal. Respondents must submit written proposals in a sealed package labeled “Proposal - Food Service Management Company FY1819-001, addressed to the SFA at Luther Burbank School District ,4 Wabash Avenue, San Jose, California 95128, Attn: Rodolfo Avalos-Sanchez.


    The SFA will accept all proposals received on or before Friday, April 12, 2019, 3:00 p.m.The SFA will not accept proposals that are received after the deadline. The SFA will open proposals at 3:30 p.m. on April 12, 2019.


    The SFA reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, and to waive any errors or corrections in a proposal or in the proposal process. The SFA will award the contract based on a review and analysis of the proposals that determines which proposal best meets the needs of the SFA. Following the review and analysis of all responsive proposals, the SFA will make a recommendation to their Board of Education at its regularly scheduled meeting.


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  • Measure "HH" General Obligation Bond Passes


    The Registrar of Voters certified the results of the election, and the Board of Trustees unanimously accpeted the results of the Measure HH bond election on Tuesdsay, December 11,2018. Measure HH has been  supported by the Luther Burbank School District voting community. Many thanks to the voters in the Luther Burbank School District! The voters approved the bond measure by a vote of 68.93%! The faculty, staff and students are grateful to all the voters for making possible a 21st century learning envirornment for our students. We are confident that the funds derived from this passage will serve the students of LBSD for generations.


    The District will continue to apply for state grants for which it is eligible. Please see the attached fact sheet for information on Measure "HH".


    Measure "HH" Fact Sheet



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