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Luther Burbank Named Caring School Climate of the Year!

YMCA-Project Cornerstone awards Luther Burbank  Caring School Climate of the Year-Middle School!

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Luther Burbank School's sixth, seventh and graders make us chuckle most days and on some days test our patience.  But everyday, our students are surrounded by a team of caring adults who see the potential and warm hearts of each of our students. We walk beside them in their academic and social emotional journey towards their best selves.

During the height of COVID 19 lock down, our middle school teachers met with students 1:1 and in small groups to ensure they received academic support and encouragement to help them complete their assignments and stay engaged.  When this was not enough, the teachers volunteered to have our most vulnerable students come to campus to provide the much needed social interaction and personalized academic support.  Luther Burbank took the opportunity to reimagine learning for the Middle School students by creating electives such as Maker Space, Coding, Art, Leadership and Sports so students had voice and choice.  Electives were limited to 15 students to create supportive learning groups.  When students were not in their elective, targeted math and ELA instruction was provided by the classroom teacher to accelerate learning in the small class setting of 15 students.  We established a partnership with WestValley College and SJSU to provide high dosage 1:1 math tutoring and mentoring for students. Middle School students, guided by our school counselor, help lead special activities such as our BeKind (Anti Bullying) campaign, plan and organize all the activities for their school dances, including making gourmet snacks for attendees to enjoy, along with games, and decorations.  They helped set up and run the Fall Harvest games and activities for our TK-5 students; and some assist with kinder recess.  The values of caring and kindness are reinforced by parents.  It is not uncommon to see older middle school siblings protectively holding the hands of their younger siblings and walking them safely to their classroom or giving them a hug as they pass each other during recess and lunch breaks.  Listening and responding to our middle school students wishes has helped the administration rally the support and resources to support all of our students.  The myriad of resources, activities, and support system of caring adults is the secret sauce to helping our Middle School students thrive. 


Edith Mourtos