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Back to School Night Gets a Makeover!

Luther Burbank's Back to School Night looks different this year!

Teachers welcomed caregivers into the classroom and got them engaged in an icebreaker to learn get to know each other and a bit about our young scholars. 

Then, the teachers discussed the learning concepts that students must master by the end of the academic year and showed a chart of every child’s status on a key foundational skill, like subtraction or reading comprehension. The chart is anonymous, but each parent receives a packet that includes the identification code for his or her child, to help them understand how their child performs in relation to peers.

Parents then each set a goal for their child on that foundation skill. The teacher modeled home activities to improve the skill, and parents worked through them during the meeting.

They also receive materials required for the activities to take home. We hope our caregivers also made a few new friends too!  We look forward to the progress our young scholars made towards their goals during parent conferences scheduled for November 14-18!