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  • Board Meeting Highlights from April 19, 2018


    On Thursday, April 19, 2018, the Board of Trustees met during a special board meeting. During the meeting, the Trustees discussed the Board Governance Handbook and unanimously adopted it. A Board Governance Handbook is a first for the Luther Burbank School District and will be an important document in guiding the important governance work of the Board and the Superintendent-Principal. According to the California School Boards Association," Effective school boards establish governance commitments in three key areas: 1) They embrace a common set of core beliefs; 2) They are intentional about building and sustaining productive partnerships; and 3) They have clear agreements regarding board values, norms, and protocols. Reaching clarity around these issues is foundational to working effectively as a governing board. These agreements should be committed to writing, referred to regularly and reviewed periodically. This level of clarity creates the conditions for the smooth and effective functioning of the board, freeing the board to focus all of its energy on the most critical matters facing the district." The new Board Governance Handbook demonstrates the LBSD Board of Trustees' commitment to good board governance.


    Board Meeting Highlights from April 24, 2018


     On Tuesday April 24, 2018, the Board of Trustees met during a regular board meeting. Here are some highlights from the meeting.


    • Approval of Memorandum of Understanding with the Luther Burbank Education Association (LBEA)


    The Board of Trustees unanimously approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Luther Burbank Education Association (LBEA) on guidelines and renumeration for holding In-Service or Buy Back Days in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.  Teachers will be renumerated at their hourly rate for attending important professional development days before the start of the school year.  As the District's lead negotiator since July 2016,  Dr. Ortiz has negotiated increases in benefits and wages, a total of 10.5%, for all represented employees, certificated and classified. The Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring that District employees receive excellent benefits and wages for the important work they do on behalf of educating our students. The MOU demonstrates that continued commitment on part of the Board of Trustees and Superintendent-Principal.


    • Approval of Advancing Via Individual Determination (AVID)


    The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the contract with Advancing Via Individual Determination (AVID) for the 2018-2019 school year. 


    In its 30-plus years, AVID has proven time and time again that, when given a system of rigorous curriculum and strategic support, students can be academically successful. AVID Elementary is a foundational component of the AVID College Readiness System and supports AVID’s mission and vision to provide a comprehensive model of success for all students, from elementary through higher education.


    Based on the same learning foundation that underlies AVID Secondary, AVID Elementary is designed to be embedded into the daily instruction of all elementary classrooms, across entire grade levels, to impact school-wide structures. Like AVID Secondary, AVID Elementary Essentials focus on the four necessary areas to ensure that all students are poised for academic success: Instruction, Culture, Leadership, and Systems.


    • The Second Interim Report for Fiscal Year 2017-2018


    The Board of Trustees reviewed Santa Clara County Office of Education's positive certification of the District's Second Interim Budget Report approved for submission at the March 14th regular board meeting. As required by the State and the County, a report of the budget projections and financial activities of the District as of January 31, 2018, which determines positive, qualified or negative declaration on the financial status of the District, must be presented and reviewed with the Board. 


    SCCOE has certifiied that District is able to meet is financial obligations for this year and the two subsequent years, thereby certifying positive. At the behest of the Board of Trustees, the Superintendent-Principal and the Chief Business Official continue to reduce costs and monitor district expenditures very carefully and prudently as recommended by SCCOE in its certification letter to the District.


    • Bond Polling Results


    Construction of  a new main facility and modernization of existing facilities have been mentioned as priorities in various stakeholder surveys. The district's financial advisors, Caldwell Flores Winters, presented information on the poll taken in April of voters within the District. Polling results indicate that voters are favorable to supporting a possible bond measure in November 2018. CFW will return at subsequent meetings to provide the Trustees with more information regarding bringing a bond measure forth to voters.


    • Presentations


    There were a number of important presentation provided to the Board of Trustees.


    • As part of required information to the Board of Trustees on District progress towards its Local Control and Accountability Plan goals, staff presented information on the District's progress toward implementation of School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support (Priority 6: School Climate) .  As part of Priority 2: Implementation of State Standards and Priority 4: Student Achievement, staff also presented information on the District's curriculum and instructional materials  related to our LCAP goals. Staff also presented year-to-date parental/guardian participation data at the various activities and events noted in the LCAP as part of Priority 3 (Parent Engagement).


    • Students from the Grade 4 classes of Ms. Balangue and Ms. Villarreal presented the carefullly constructed models they made of various California Missions. The students provided board members and attendees with a history of the mission they selected and how they constructed the model. The study of the California Missions is part of the Grade 4 History-Social Studies standards. Students did an outstanding job of presenting to the Board Trustees.


    • Board Business


    Annual personnel items, contracts/contract adjustments, and consent agenda items were also reviewed and approved.

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